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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

1 new habit for 100 days. 2020 is only 98 days from today and I challenge you to commit to one positive habit for 100 days. This single commitment will set you up for the New Year in the most powerful way possible.

This Monday, I shared a challenge on Instagram that is taking off! People were shocked to realize there are only 100 days left in 2019. Every year for my birthday I commit to new thinking, new behavior and new growth. This year, I decided to end the year as the healthiest version of me from the inside out.

While I love a great glass of champagne on the weekends or summertime Tito’s and soda, I also do not need it to be happy. I certainly don’t need it to be healthy. So, on September 4th I said bye bye to alcohol for 100 days. Here’s what happened:

  • Removing alcohol during the week was easier for me than I thought

  • Keeping my commitment through my first weekend while attending a killer dinner party and a charity event was tough, but I made it through with club soda and lime

  • The following week I coasted through with my pride and stamina after completing the first successful weekend

  • I began searching for what I could add into my diet for fuel and restoration

  • After seven days my brain and cognitive function was off the charts fast. I felt like I was highly caffeinated, even though I don’t currently drink caffeine.

  • I want to add in daily wheatgrass shots, yet the only place I can find it fresh is very out of the way from my daily path

  • Instead I am trying daily turmeric shots and fresh juice for a month to see what it does for my energy, inflammation and skin

  • I also restarted my hot lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to cleanse your liver and boost metabolism

  • Tray got me the new Gisele book and she wrote about her morning routine. She does oil pulling every morning, so guess what I added into my daily routine?! I actually think it’s whitening my teeth and cleaning them, along with the other benefits.

  • We had a work trip to Nashville, the city of parties and country music. I stayed strong and worked out at TITLE Nash the whole time, which made me significantly more happy.

Since I started this on September 4, instead of September 23, I'll have an extra 19 days to my 100 Day Challenge, and I couldn't be happier about it. I loved reading what everyone else is committed to for their 100 day challenges: working out 20 mins a day every day, going for a walk, giving compliments, launching a boutique, learning something new every day, studying for a certification, and the list goes on.

What can you do to make yourself better for 100 days straight? Pick one thing, one simple habit that you know you feel better when you do this every day, and make a plan to do it every day for 100 days. Sounds simple. The challenge is always consistency and stamina when your brain tells you "oh just do it tomorrow", you must override that thought with "I'm doing this for me" and make it happen. This is your life. It's either happening to you or for you. The choice is yours!

  • Writer's pictureBrooke Budke

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Happy back-to-school week. I looked forward to this every year as a kid. I had the freshest kicks ever, as that was our only thing that made us stand out in private school, and fall sports were back in season.

Being a bonus mom I have loved being involved with this school year. We have two in high school and one in junior high now, which brings new friend groups, different teachers, decorating lockers, and back to the school routine.

This past month I chose to dive into family first. I took a break from travel, blogging, over-commitments and we intentionally focused on planning our days around what we enjoy most as a family. As a result, it has been one of the most rewarding summers I can remember!

That said, I am a constant student and believe that you never really graduate if you subscribe to constant and never-ending improvement. I knocked out five great books this summer, and realized when I slowed down my schedule, I got to speed up my mind.

“I am a constant student and believe that you never really graduate if you subscribe to constant and never-ending improvement.“

As school is back in session, I encourage you to increase your education, too! Check out this little book report to get the deets before jumping in.

My summer book reading recommendations


This is my favorite daily devotional. It speaks to me every morning in ways that feel like it’s written for me. Couple that with lighting candles and praying for my family and friends every morning and it will change the course of your day.

FIELDS OF GOLD // Andy Stanley

Tray gave me this book about a classic concept of money: give, save, live. It’s a quick read that helps you shift your perspective of money.


Two NYC entrepreneur-istas teach you the ins and outs of social media marketing for business. It’s a must-read for small business owners to understand how to use social media content and ads to drive revenue.

THINK AND GROW RICH // Napoleon Hill

Best book I have ever read for growth. The publishing date is very old and yet every detail still applies to having a rich mindset. It’s a long, intellectual read with easy takeaways to apply to real life in each chapter.


If you’re looking to re-boot your metabolism after summer break, a long weekend, over drinking on a weekend, excessive stress or travel - this is for you! There are three different plans to meet whatever need you have in terms of weight loss. It’s a tough plan for 14 days and will give you ways to apply it for good after the two weeks.

Try out these books and let me know if you have another great one to put on my list! Remember, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them. You must engage your mind in your spiritual, mental, physical and financial health.

Your life is only as good as your mindset!

This 4th of July, I am ending the weekend celebrating the awesome super power of financial freedom. There are seasons in life that require us to invest in unexpected expenses, yet 90% of our life is predictable and when you learn how to make your money work for you, you get to live life like no one else.

I spent a couple hours today reviewing every item I have spent money on through the first six months of the year. Yes—every single item. The tool I use for this is You can categorize your spending and create rules relatively easy. Then, it groups your spending into categories where you can start to analyze trends. You can also use other softwares such as quickbooks (which is Tray's go-to) or other apps—the point is to use tools that make it easy for you.

At a glance, my personal care + health and fitness categories are the largest areas of spending when combined. These categories cover my mental and physical health. In the food and dining category, I spend 75% on groceries, which covers all meals for our family each week. This is an easy category to cut spending. When you eat out, you spend 5-7x as much on food than you would by eating at home. Plus, controlling what you eat, controls your physical health. There are steady budgets each month in gas, pets, donations, etc. But the easy ones to cut back on are shopping, dining, personal care and even on groceries.

My first six months spending at a glance

When you look back at your spending, you start to identify areas that you know you can do better at. And, the truth is, you cannot get better without knowing where you've been. This is true for mental health—by shedding light on your dark thoughts you realize they don't own you any more. In your spiritual health—the power of forgiveness is looking back, letting go and healing. For your body—I always recommend making a list of your current eating habits and fitness regimen before starting anything new. This way you know what you can cut out and what to add in. This same habit of discipline, when applied to all areas of your health, gives you a glance into your life trends. When you look back at your spending, you are able to objectively evaluate where you want to put your dollars moving forward. (Pro tip: do not bring emotions into finance.)

You must first understand, there is no shame in looking back at your spending. You will see things and think "why the heck did I spend so much on Amazon." But the reality is there are no take backs, the money is already gone. What you do gain from this exercise though is the ability to use "hindsight" to fuel your freedom.

Top 3 tips to increasing your financial health

1. Evaluate

Learn to look back at your spending every quarter. If you have great discipline, you will start to do this monthly. Whether you're an independent woman or have joint checking, the more you look at what you spend money on, the easier it is to identify what you don't need moving forward. If you are married, it's amazing to do this together. Finances tend to be the number one source of stress in a relationship and more times than not, uncertainty around where money is going and how it's being spent leads to stress. Being honest about your spending habits allows you to start a new list of the key areas you can cut spending for the month ahead. (Pro tip: men love women who understand money. Even if you're not the one making it, learn how to make it work for your family and you're man will be 😍 for you.)

2. Stop overspending on Amazon, instagram and blogs

In app purchases are wildly convenient, yet they add up very quickly. Don't get me wrong, I love those quick, little amazon elves that bring me packages the next day. What I don't love is paying for it every month on my credit card. It's easy to overspend on instagram ads and your favorite bloggers fashion tips. Instead, change this habit into a good one like going through your closet and donating all clothes you haven't worn in a year.

3. Set goals for each month

Identify three categories that you know you can spend less in. Then, give yourself a target spending goal. If you need extra discipline, go to the envelope method. Get cash out every time you get paid. Set aside a specific amount per category in individually labeled envelopes. If there is no more money in the "restaurant" envelope after a week, you have to wait to eat out again until you get paid next. (Pro tip: This single habit helped me save enough to buy a house on my own at 25.)

Most people avoid the topic of financial health. Not you. Not anymore. Your financial health is the catalyst for all others. It allows you the freedom or discipline to get ahead in your family, relationships, body, travel, and more. Make your money work for you this month. You will absolutely LOVE the freedom you feel at the end when your savings grows, your debt shrinks and you feel so powerful instead of wasteful. Whether you have your first job, are thriving in your career, are a stay-at-home mom with no paycheck, looking forward to retirement or anyone in between, there is great freedom in understanding your financial health.


In health,



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