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Manifestation Challenge: Goal Setting

Grab a pen and write this down!

There are only two Mondays left in the year, including today, and chances are you’re stressing about buying holiday gifts instead of casting a vision for 2021. Grocery stores are packed, retail store parking lots are disasters, and you still can't find a gift for that hard-to-shop-for-sibling. Sound familiar? Fear not, this week’s manifestation challenge is simple and effective!

Part of goal setting is realizing the current stressors of your week and still making time with yourself to prioritize yourself. Give Monday through Friday to Jesus and your family. Then Saturday is all yours! I recommend setting an hour or two hours appointment with yourself for Saturday the 26th. This way, you'll enjoy all of Christmas week and have a self-care appointment with yourself to get this done! Drive to a local coffee shop, grab your favorite refresher, and sit down with your journal, a pen, and an open mind.

Building on last week’s challenge where I asked you to identify your top 10 celebrations of 2020, the next step in the process is to identify what you want to create in the six F categories of your life:

Faith. Family. Fitness. Finances. Fun. Future.

Watch this week's video ⬇️ explanation of this week's goal-setting challenge:

Each of these categories represents the most important elements of life. (IMO: In my opinion.) The only other major category is your life’s work. You can wrap your career goals into the future or finance categories. List the six F categories, then write down anywhere from 5-10 items in each of these categories for what you hope to achieve in 2021. You must write them down on paper. (Not in your notes on your phone!) Or you can use this free download if you need a template.

After you write down items in each category, close your eyes, take a deep breath and actively, vividly picture this time next year as if these things have already occurred. Listening to music while you dream is always a plus. Put on your favorite track and picture your life as a movie. What is the ending of the movie next year?

What do you feel like? Look like? Describe the colors, smells, sights, feelings. Picture the feeling of accomplishment, of landing that dream job, finding the perfect partner, having a healthy body, traveling, or socializing again. Whatever is most important to you, you must learn to picture it as if it has already happened. Sit in a private space with your eyes closed and go through each category of goals. Say out loud with as much detail as possible what happened next year. Speak in the past tense as if it already happened. And SMILE while you describe the events.

These six categories will become the building blocks to forming your vision next week. Spend time with your list. Revisit it and rewrite them if it doesn’t sit well with you. It's your life. You're in control. And, you're the star! Dream big.

Week 1: Gratitude - identify the top 10 celebrations of 2020

Week 2: Goal Setting - write down your 2021 goals within the categories of faith, family, fitness, finances, fun, and future.

"Part of goal setting is realizing the current stressors of your week and still making time with yourself to prioritize yourself."

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