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Meet Brooke

Meet Brooke

Brooke is a passionate brand strategist and marketing executive who thrives on achieving company goals, leading teams and motivating business professionals. She has a knack for public speaking, inspiring change and appearing on national TV. She's an avid fitness enthusiast, cancer survivor, and the former President of TITLE Boxing Club, one of the fastest growing boutique fitness studios in America. Brooke makes regular appearances on FOX News, consults with business owners across the country, and speaks at events and conferences. 

Outside of work, Brooke is a constant learner. She believes that you never graduate, attends many leadership conferences a year, reads books, listens to podcasts, works with a transformational life coach and is captivated by growth. Brooke has walked across fire at Tony Robbin’s events and is working on writing her first book. She is a wife and step mom to three kids, two dogs and two fish.  

Brooke's health and happiness transforms every day with simple steps and techniques she uses to create fulfillment. She challenges you to focus on your heart first, for it's the wellspring of your life, then to look at the surrounding decisions in your overall health.

The biggest life categories she encourages you to focus on are:

faith, family, fitness, FOOD, finances, fun & freedom.

Her intense passion and purpose is to further develop your vision for your body, mind and spirit. Then, help you bring it to life with simple, attainable steps to keep you moving toward elevated health.


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