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I like big books

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Happy back-to-school week. I looked forward to this every year as a kid. I had the freshest kicks ever, as that was our only thing that made us stand out in private school, and fall sports were back in season.

Being a bonus mom I have loved being involved with this school year. We have two in high school and one in junior high now, which brings new friend groups, different teachers, decorating lockers, and back to the school routine.

This past month I chose to dive into family first. I took a break from travel, blogging, over-commitments and we intentionally focused on planning our days around what we enjoy most as a family. As a result, it has been one of the most rewarding summers I can remember!

That said, I am a constant student and believe that you never really graduate if you subscribe to constant and never-ending improvement. I knocked out five great books this summer, and realized when I slowed down my schedule, I got to speed up my mind.

“I am a constant student and believe that you never really graduate if you subscribe to constant and never-ending improvement.“

As school is back in session, I encourage you to increase your education, too! Check out this little book report to get the deets before jumping in.

My summer book reading recommendations


This is my favorite daily devotional. It speaks to me every morning in ways that feel like it’s written for me. Couple that with lighting candles and praying for my family and friends every morning and it will change the course of your day.

FIELDS OF GOLD // Andy Stanley

Tray gave me this book about a classic concept of money: give, save, live. It’s a quick read that helps you shift your perspective of money.


Two NYC entrepreneur-istas teach you the ins and outs of social media marketing for business. It’s a must-read for small business owners to understand how to use social media content and ads to drive revenue.

THINK AND GROW RICH // Napoleon Hill

Best book I have ever read for growth. The publishing date is very old and yet every detail still applies to having a rich mindset. It’s a long, intellectual read with easy takeaways to apply to real life in each chapter.


If you’re looking to re-boot your metabolism after summer break, a long weekend, over drinking on a weekend, excessive stress or travel - this is for you! There are three different plans to meet whatever need you have in terms of weight loss. It’s a tough plan for 14 days and will give you ways to apply it for good after the two weeks.

Try out these books and let me know if you have another great one to put on my list! Remember, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them. You must engage your mind in your spiritual, mental, physical and financial health.

Your life is only as good as your mindset!


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