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This is how I fight my battles

Today's topic is STORMS. One of the things I want to share this week is not an easy subject, yet it's an important one. I believe you can feel significantly better every day in your life. That also means you must commit to working through days that are tough. So, let's be honest about some things that aren't easy to talk about—such as the storms attacking our happiness.

First, think of a time when you are at your best. Think about how you feel when you at your true joy in the center of light feeling connected to everyone around you and things are going your way. Maybe a specific event, feeling or moment comes to mind. Then, sure as the day is long there is something that comes and attacks. Whether it is a person, a thing, a relationship, a disease, an illness, a obstacle, stress at work, behind on deadlines—whatever it is—I like to call those storms.

Storms, like today, in the physical world have Kansas City covered in an ice storm. This is one version of a storm. People can complain, people can allow it to direct their day, people can find every reason why they don't like it. It is very easy to do that. There is ice, treacherous conditions, or maybe you don't have the right car, the right clothes, an ice scraper, or perhaps your work isn't flexible and you're on the roads when it's unsafe. Anyone can find endless reasons to focus on that do not bring happiness.

The other version of storms is internal—when you feel a war waged on you, your happiness and your light. This storm is the most important storm to fight. You have to learn how to fight when you already feel defeated. When things don't go your way, you have two choices: 1. you can either overcome the obstacle and grow in the process, or 2. you can let it beat you.

"The other version of storms is internal—when you feel a war waged on you, your happiness and your light. This storm is the most important storm to fight. You have to learn how to fight when you already feel defeated."

The thing is, humans are creatures of habit. If you quit when things get tough, it gets that much easier to quit the next time hardship comes your way. On the other hand, if you win, it teaches you resilience, grit, determination and strength begins to grow.

For me, the storm this past week was with relationships in my life that have not been productive. I like to call these toxic relationships. Sometimes they are people you love and cherish the most in life, sometimes the workforce, sometimes it's in relationships that you can't necessarily control but they're still part of your life. If somebody or some thing or the environment or your surrounding are challenging you, I want you to know first and foremost that you are not alone. This happens to everybody at all times—it is the beautiful battle of life.

In my fight, in what I have experienced, when I am at my happiest, the darkness attacks. The enemy doesn't want you to be happy, the darkness wants you to look and feel and be just like it is. It's no different than when you are in a dark room and someone comes in and flips the lights on really fast - what do you do? You hide your eyes, you shield your eyes. And sometimes in life, when you are light and you bring light into a dark world, or you bring light into winter, or you bring light into an environment that is not ready for it - they shield their eyes. Most of the time too, not only do they shield their eyes but they attack.

If you are a person who is focused on personal development, growth, finding new friends and building financial health, creating a life you desire, and dramatically improving your life then you will fight. You will have to fight.

One of my greatest super powers in life is my light and my joy. I have learned over the years how to protect it (this year, in a snow globe) and how to nourish and grow it! It's also one of the reasons why I love boxing. It teaches me the art of fighting. Physically, even though I don't ever get hit, I don't punch anyone, and no on punches me. But it teaches my mind the art of fighting. Because today fighting your stuff is hard. And, you must be prepared mentally. To be mentally discipline is to constantly go back to find the light and the love notes from God. You must train your mind to find of all the ways that He loves you regardless of how, and who, and what is attacking you. This is the spirit of life. This is happiness. That is creating your own snow globe in the middle of winter, in the middle of the most barron conditions, when life gets really hard. That is when you need to be light the most.

"One of my greatest super powers in life is my light and my joy."

There are many ways to fight the storms to bring out the best within yourself. You can start a daily devotional, a gratitude journal, or call your mom or a friend. Maybe it's asking your big brother to watch a movie with you, especially something that is funny and takes your mind off your battles. These are things I do and they are so simple. The most important thing is to change your state—your physical and mental state of being. When you change the way you sit, stand, breath, and move you will also change your mind.

This week, develop new techniques to weather the storm. Weathering the storm means you're winning. It means you will come out ahead, you will come out stronger, you will come out better, and you will look someone in the eye and say "Not today". It is not the day to mess with Brooke Budke, and it is not the day to mess with you.

It is so important to guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of your life. Guard your light, your love, your joy. Protect it.

Storms are coming. Storms are here. Storms are here every single day. That's why I love winter, because if you can survive and thrive in winter, you can surely do it in the summer when it is full of life and love and production. So, weather the storm.

Know that you are not in it alone. Know that you are significant and you have everything you need to succeed within you. And, guess what? I'm saying all of this to myself right now, too. Every single day you have to remind yourself you are worthy. You are loved. You are enough. You are kind. You are beautiful. You are smart. And you are here to stand in the middle of whatever storm you are facing—your job, relationship, finances, health, loneliness, disease—whatever you're facing, I encourage you to fight your battles and to create your own shield of protection. I will see you next week, hopefully in even more joyful, icy and snowy conditions of this beautiful snow globe that Kansas City has become. And I wish you the very best in your day, in your week, in your joy and in your fight!

Last but not least, check out my video of the week for my top 10 ways to fight your battles!


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