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Don't be like the rest of them, darling!

In preparing for the New Year, I did a quick study on habits. One particular stat was rather alarming. US News and World Report said 80% of New Year Resolutions fail by February. 80%! While a Forbes study reported 8% of people achieve their New Year Resolutions. Only eight percent of the world, friends, will do what they set out to do this year.

"80% of New Year Resolutions fail by February."

Do you want to know what the most common excuse is for why people don't follow through? TIME. It's alway time. I don't have enough time to read, to connect with friends, to drive out to see a loved one, to start that project you know needs done. It always comes back to time. And telling yourself that you don't have enough time is a lie that will rob you of authentic connection.

Don't be like everyone else. Not this year. Not you. If you have time to feel bad, complain, or check social media, then you have time to meditate, write in your journal or create a list of goals. Make a list of things you are grateful for and better yourself.

Make time for what matters first, then fill in your to-dos, work, errands around them.

One of my greatest super powers is preparation. Every Sunday I plan the week out before it begins. I plan first on paper. Then I transfer the most important meetings to my phone. I have learned that when you plan your time, you're able to accomplish far more than you imagine in a day. Don't forget—your tip of the week is to plan in your down time FIRST. Plan in time with your spouse, when you're going to call your parents, or how you can make someone's day. Then plan your workouts, your work commitment, and checking in on your financial health weekly. Be diligent with planning your time for it is the only thing in life that we can never get back. There is no refund on time. Every moment you spend is gone forever. So, spend it wisely!

Tip of the week: Make time for what matters first, then fill in your to-dos, work, errands around them.


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