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10 Day Detox

Every 90 days I do a liver detox for 10 days. It's always my favorite thing to do after a trip, like spring break. This past week we had spring break, the Big 12 Tourney, a horse race, St. Patrick's Day and nice weather...which means there's a high chance you and I both ate and drank an abnormal amount of food (and fire ball!). Ok, maybe just me on the fire ball.

Just like the clocks that sprang forward—it's time to reset. Today I'm sharing how I do a 10 day detox every three months. You can play this video when you're in the car to listen, while you're on a walk or as you make your grocery list for the week.

This is my favorite way to detox my body every three months. Think: lose weight, more energy, sharper brain, clearer skin, flatter belly and the list goes on.

Our livers produce more than 500 different functions for our bodies. And, most often we are hard on them without taking a much-needed break. Sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy, all take a toll on the liver and the rest of our bodies. Doing a 10 day liver cleanse will boost your energy, make you feel better and drop water weight while you flush the fat.

What's to lose you think? Your bad habits! Breaking up with your routine is mentally tough. You need to prepare in advance to give up things in your diet that you are used to for 10 days. At the end of the 10 days, you will feel so great that you might even apply this to your every day health routine!


Start every morning with hot lemon water

Hot lemon water will increase your metabolism, build your immune system, acts as a detoxifier, has anti-inflammatory properties and many other benefits.

A.M. fasting cardio

During the cleanse, I recommend you to log 45 minutes of slow burning, fasting cardio. (Think: walk outside, elliptical, stair master, or walking on an incline treadmill.) By getting in a slow burn first thing in the morning when you wake up, this will burn fat and boost metabolism.

Drink a gallon of water a day

Hydration is key to the cleanse as you will flush out the toxins, fat and keep away hunger pangs. I opt for alkaline water, because it hydrates your cells faster, and helps boost your immune system. When we are hard on our bodies with stress, poor diet or environmental toxins, these all build up in your body. One gallon of alkaline water a day will add minerals, magnesium and calcium...and tastes so clean and fresh! Tip: I get these delivered from Sprouts on instacart!

Fiber every morning

More than 12 years ago I started taking advocare products. I have a few faves that I will share with you, yet the Herbal Cleansing System is in my top five favorite products. You can purchase it from my site and get 20% off with code 12073954.

This is how it works: add the non-flavored fiber every morning to your protein shake of choice (I use chocolate BodyLean). Adding fiber to your morning routine helps you feel full, improves digestion, and helps cleanse you from the inside out. This is not a disruptive cleanse by any means. The fiber will help you get rid of unwanted waste and toxins. There is also a "p.m." pill included in the Cleansing System, which you take every evening before bed. This again helps with weight management and helps you absorb the nutrients you are getting from the new and improved eating plan you're on.

Probiotic for restoration

Taking a probiotic helps support your intestines and good digestion. There is a probiotic package that's included in the Herbal Cleansing System, so that will have you covered! You'll take this in the morning with your protein + fiber shake.


No Alcohol

Give your body a break. This one is often the most difficult for people to survive 10 days without alcohol. You can do it and your body needs it. I share some tips for how I get through the weekends without alcohol in my video above!

No Red meat

Red and processed meats are linked to liver damager. There are reports that link red meat to increasing risk of non-alcoholic liver disease. I eat red meat in my diet about once a week, yet use this time to give your body and liver a break!

No Dairy

Dairy is different for everyone. Some bodies can tolerate it and others cannot. This is great to remove during the 10 days to clear up your skin, experience weight loss, and maybe even get rid of the dark circles under your eyes!

No Carbohydrates

The only starch/carb allowed on this 10 day detox is sweet potatoes. If you eat them, aim to add them to eggs in the morning or with lunch. A carb-free dinner will help your body to burn fuel and fat over night.

No Corn, black beans or peanut butter

I follow Whole 30 for 90 percent of my health routine. Taking out these favorites was tough, but I soon realized how much they were making me bloat. The corn and black beans are starchy vegetables and the peanut butter is full of saturated fat. Eliminate these for the next 10 days and replace them with leafy greens.

I have more videos and tips coming as you go through the next 10 days. I'll be sharing how I meal prep, healthy snack options and more. Send me a message on Instagram or Facebook and tell me how it's going for you when you start!

This is only 10 days of your life. You've got this. And, you will feel and look fabulous, too!

Save this to your phone for easy reference during the next 10 days!


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