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How much more?

This last Sunday our message was quite powerful about rising to the level God created us. He asked a question “how much more?” It was an open ended question that I immediately applied to the major areas of my life.

How much more can you give with your God-given gifts? We each were created uniquely and divinely. And yet so often we look at others and want what they have. Instead, if you look internally, at your heart, and asked the question “how much more” can I give of my light, the answers might surprise you.

Through the years I have learned how much preparation serves me. When I am prepared for the week ahead I spend less time on the to-dos and more time being present. When I’m present I feel most alive, full of Illumination and joy. And when I feel most alive I know how much more I can give - infinity! I meal prep every Sunday and Wednesday to create efficiencies in our family's lives, which in turn, allows us to show up in full joy, giving that much more.

As you approach the week ahead, how much more can you do for your faith, family, kids, spouse, and life work? This week I’m sharing a few new meal prep tips and a reminder to check in on your family and friends. Go the extra mile for the ones you love. And, love with your whole heart. You never know who’s watching!

"Go the extra mile for the ones you love. And, love with your whole heart."




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