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Defining Enjoyment

If I were to ask you, "how do you define enjoyment?" Would you have a good answer? My life coach asked me and Tray that last month and invited us to each individually define what enjoyment means to us. It was a difficult question to answer and yet, having spent time on it this past month, the question now excites me.

We took a trip to Vail, Colorado last week for Tray's birthday. It is our happy place! We sat and talked about enjoyment a lot on this trip. Without having been asked the question, I don't know that we would have taken the time. We are always grateful, and find happiness in what we do, yet we were intentional about brining the things home from Vail that we love most and incorporating them into our every day.

This week's video is from Vail on defining enjoyment:

As you enter this week, take a moment to pause and write down how you define enjoyment. It could be a smell, sound, trip, vibe, environment, person, animal or thing. Whatever it is, when you identify your list, the next step is to add it into your every day. Make a plan to put things you enjoy into your week ahead. Stop going through the motions and start living for what makes your heart come alive!

And, if you need a little help, here are a few of the things on my list:

  • Freedom to choose plans

  • Good music

  • Church with the family!

  • New experiences - like: coffee shops, cities, restaurants, walks, movies, variety of new things, live

  • Being with Tray

  • Not having any plans

  • Being with the dogs at home

  • A clean house and sink

  • Listening to live music at bars or restaurants

  • Not having work stress at home

  • A variety of Weather patterns - I like all four seasons

  • Growth

  • Community

  • Relationships with family, friends, dogs, community

  • Diversity in what we do repeatedly

  • Using new experiences to grow, learn new things, expand my impact on the world, gain exposure and compassion

  • Relaxation

  • Time to think - letting my brain breathe

  • Well being; Coziness; Openness

  • Something that gives me light in my soul

  • Smiles that come easy

  • Cooking at home for the family - sitting at the table

  • Vail!

  • Appreciation for life

Have a healthy, happy week. And make it an enjoyable one!




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